How do you deliver your materials?

I deliver my products and services primarily online.  Life Coaching Sessions are available by Skype or Phone.  Products are emailed out via MailChimp.  This allows me to deliver my products and services in a timely manner, regardless of location.
For locals in the Salem Oregon area, in person sessions can be arranged.

What do you help with?

As a Life Coach, I help clients to move forward towards their goals and aspirations.  While I’ve assisted with a wide variety of topics, my specialty is Communication and building Connection with others.

Socially: Being able to make and keep friends by learning how to expand relationships with the people we enjoy.

Professionally: Leveraging our strengths to make accomplishments and to invest in the networking we need to be recognized and supported.

Romantically: Opening up with our feelings and desires to increase the shared connection we have with loved ones.

Personally: Owning our strengths, victories, and knowledge to enable us to grow to be stronger and more capable.

What does your training as a life coach include?

I have paired my BS in Communications and minor in health with my training as a life coach. I have my Whole Person Coaching Certification (WPCC), and I’ve completed my ICF training. I am currently working on my Associate Coaching Certification (ACC) with ICF.

What is the ICF

ICF is the International Coaching Federation and is an organization that trains and certifies life coaches worldwide. They are one of the most prominent life coaching certification organization today.

Where were you trained as a life coach?

I was trained at Coach Training World (Originally: Baraka Institute) through their Whole Person Coaching program by Feroshia Knight.

What is Whole Person Coaching?

It’s the belief that we must look at the Whole Person in order to enact growth and that every piece is important.

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How long have you been Life Coaching?

I’ve been Coaching since 2002. Since then I’ve been expanding my knowledge and skill set with my traditional education, life coach training and hands on experience.  I moved forward with my own Life Coaching business in 2014 and haven’t looked back.

Why did you become a life coach?

I love the difference it makes for the people I’ve helped by being there for support and encouragement. There’s nothing like witnessing the amazing growth people make as they reach for and achieve their dreams.

My career as a life coach means that I can help more people than I could have ever hoped for as an amateur. Communication and seeing people succeed have always been my passions and I get to experience both of those every day as a Life Coach.  Retirement is the last thing on my mind.


What is the difference between Life Coaching and Counseling?

Life Coaching

Specialize in helping Clients to realize their goals and potential

  • Based on an educational process to discover the client's potential.


  • Diverse range of skills and specializations to build from.


  • The client leads the session and the coach provides the tools, support, and advice to enable the changes the client wishes to make.


  • Life Coaching focuses on moving the client forward towards their goals to realize their dreams.


  • Life Coaches are trained to listen in order to draw out ideas and potential. They often specialize with additional training and education to give very specific results.


  • Helps the client face tomorrow


Specialize in helping Clients resolve issues that are holding them back

  • Based on a medical Model that repairs psychiatric maladies.


  • Primarily a thorough psychology based skill-set.


  • The counselor leads the session to resolve issues that are holding the client back that they haven't been able to resolve on their own.


  • Counselors are trained to handle trauma that clients need to have resolved in order to be ready to move forward.


  • Counselors have very specific certification requirements to guaranty their skills and abilities to resolve traumatic issues carefully and safely.


  • Helps the client to face the day.