Whole Person Coaching

Trained by: Feroshia Knight, MA, MCC at Coach Training World

Whole Person Coaching is a process that takes the whole of the client into consideration when looking to make change and growth.

It’s the life coach’s job to co-create a courageous space with the client to allow creativity to flow into new self-awareness and self-understanding in order to move beyond the outdated versions of ourselves.

This process is built by the positive energies that come from trust, honesty, and support to create a safe space for change.


Whole Person Coaching develops an empowering relationship to draw out the best from coach and client.

Sessions are driven by the client’s agenda and desired outcome.

The coach is there to support and assist the client towards their truest self and future accomplishments.

Power of Relationships

Whole Person Coaching draws on the depth and impact a person has on the lives of others.

Authenticity is key to getting in touch with our best self and building connection with people.

Building a relationship with a coach practices the skills needed for relationships to flourish and reach new levels of connection.

Holistic Approach to Transformation

In order to make solid, lasting change we must move forward as a whole individual.

The holistic approach of Whole Person Coaching enables clients to bring change to the core of their being without leaving parts of themselves behind.

A coach is there to help with the difficult task of starting a journey of change, but the gift is all the possibilities that are available after the journey has begun.

Journey to Wholeness

When we know, embrace, and express all aspects of our whole selves we can take on any new challenge.

Most importantly, we have the ability to find and use the resources around us to amplify our experiences and abilities.

There’s no gimmick or trying to fit into a mold. Instead it’s strengthening and building from that foundation of what makes us our own individual.

For those that feel stuck, lost, or misunderstood, then now is the time redefine who we are and what we can do.

Whole Person Coaching is rooted in research and best practices developed from these fields:

Interpersonal Neurobiology

Positive Psychology

Neuro Linguistic Programing (NPL)

Narrative Psychology

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Whole Person Learning


Somatic Psychology

Archetypal Psychology

Expressive Arts

Developmental Psychology

Adult Attachment Theory

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