The scariest place to be is wondering “now what?”  Not knowing where to go, how to get there, and how to find the way.  It’s terrifying, especially when we don’t feel like we have anyone to turn to for help.  We need a North Star, a destination, and often, a guide.

Ideas are our life blood for being able to keep moving forward.  When we run out of ideas it’s like we’ve run out of gas and we don’t know which direction the closest gas station is.  It’s a horrible situation to get ourselves out of without help, so it’s time to put that thumb out.

We find new ideas from the support around us: things we haven’t thought of, drawn from experiences we don’t have.  The most useful tools are the ones we don’t own.  Reaching out to others is how we can use the tools we need, and often that’s the easiest step to take.

Even if we don’t use their ideas we can build our own ideas from them.  It’s a direction to look and a step to take.  While the idea may not pan out, looking into the idea may lead to something useful.  You never know what you’ll learn if you don’t look into it.

I’ve gotten some good direction from bad ideas.  It gave me a new direction to look and someone to talk to.  The biggest thing to keep in mind is that offering ideas is a form of support.  People only offer us ideas if they feel they can help and want to see us succeed, so we must appreciate them.

We are in real danger when we’re left without direction.  We’re unarmed against our own self-doubt.  Our negative voice creeps in, whispering lies into our ears.  Fighting doubt and fear should never be a one on one fight.  We need allies.  Everyone does.

That’s what it’s about.  Finding the people around us willing to do even the littlest thing to support us and give just a tiny bit of direction.  Even if it’s finding out which direction not to go.  Every good idea is built on the experience from the many, many bad ideas that came before.

My work is primarily finding those new ideas needed to move forward.  As a Life Coach, I’m here to help clients find ideas that fit their needs as opposed to just randomly offering ideas.  It’s much easier to bounce ideas when there’s someone to bounce off of.

Life Coaching is built on the premise of offering professional help when we lack the quality support we need.  Not because people are unwilling, but because it will always be different working with a craftsman as opposed to an amateur.

Be sure to schedule a Free Exploratory Session with me to experience what it’s like to work with a professional.  I’d love to show you just how capable you really are.  I look forward to hearing from you. Until then, please take care of yourself.

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